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Senator Bill Ketron Questions Why No Cases of Female Genital Mutilation in Tennessee Reported Since 2012

Tennessee Democrats say 111 contenders for 117 legislative districts a threat to GOP supermajority


Nashville Mayoral Hopeful Carol Swain Carries and Supports 2nd AMenement

GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Boyd and Lee Tied to Organizations That Say Let Illegal Immigrants Stay

Battle Heats Up Over Issue of Welfare for Immigrants, Billionaire Koch Brothers and Tennessee Immigrant Activists on the Same Side

Tennessee Atty General updates formal opinions to address changes in TN regarding definition of a firearm.

Carol Swain talks to Leahy about problems in public education and societys lack of history and civic knowledge

Commentary: Antifas Identirarian Ideology

Happy Halloween! Annual Offensive costume bans begin starting with Michigan University

Back to School? Be aware of Indoctrination over education

Everything Theyre telling you about mass shootings is WRONG

Mails show Omars committee boasting of being able to shut down stories in Star Tribune

Medicare for ALL will further lower physician morale

The Tennessee Star Report: Can Americas Schools Be Saved: How the Ideology of American Education is Destroying It