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District 6 Patriots are proud to bring highly qualified, subject- intense speakers to our meetings in Cookeville, TN. We have covered a variety of subjects including Islam in TN, refugee resettlement, COMMON CORE, Agenda 21, 2nd Amendment, local news-makers, etc.  Too much important news and information is being filtered through a liberal press or not reported at all! We have to take responsibility to educate ourselves and our neighbors about what is REALLY happening in our America.

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New York Democrats Kill Bill for Tuition for Gold Star Families, Pass Tuition for Illegals Instead

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Sanctuary State Governor Under Federal Investigation For Stealing $330K From Taxpayers For His Mansion

Fourteen States Want to Keep Donald Trump off the 2020 Ballot

Omar Openly Praises Terrorist: 'One of My Idols'

Journalism Institute Poynter Tries to Blacklist 29 Conservative Outlets as UnNews

WATCH: Kids In Philadelphia Muslim Society: We Will Chop Off Their Heads For Allah

Trump Just Made It Harder For Illegal Immigrants To Get Jobs

Trump Jr. Subpoenaed by Senate Intelligence Committee

ISIS Enters U.S. From Mexico

Beto ORourke Wants to Transfer Money from White Americans to Black Americans

Top Crime Committed In US Revealed; Trump Was RIGHT

US Says Iran Behind Tanker Attacks, Trump Issues BIG Warning

Democrats Forced To Delete Twitter Poll After It Backfires